FOR HONOR!! Vikings, samurai, and knights! What a life! This game for honor recently came out for Xbox one, PS4, and the pc. For those that does not understand the story of this game it starts off with you becoming a knight fighting for war, territory and it starts off with you defending your wall and of course with the basics of knowing how to play the game. As some may know there are only 3 parts of the game, with 6 chapters in each; seeing that the story mode is short it may almost seem as if there was not going to be a story mood in the first place! But never the less there is one. This game is very competitive and a lot will very much like playing this game, before you actually buy it do not buy this game for single player, this game isn’t really that type of game, basically in the story mood all you really do is fight your way to victory. The campaign will be a breeze for those that can easily beat this.

           The combat in story mode or even playing online shines when it comes to 1v1, when you are squaring with another player who are good at what they do and know what to do. Although as I continue to play this game sometimes I did felt like I was cheated and I know I am not the only one who felt this way if you had played this game. You may have thought you blocked that hit but next thing you know you are getting slashed up and stab over something stupid, and then there is also the stamina bar, which can get quite annoying if you are not paying attention to it. The stamina bar limits your guard and the way players use it can make it feel as if they are abusing it. With the stamina bar you have no choice to watch out for it, if you Fight without paying attention to it, it can easily kill your joy of fighting another player and make you easily upset as you are getting hit nonstop.

                  The dominion which is basically capturing and holding that area while the battlefield is going on is great and fun, it’s cool, feels cool and great to play. At the same time of you playing this video game you do level up in the process, Leveling up gives you customizable loot and points to spend and of course you have the luxury of spending real money for better things but why do that when you can just play the game and work your way up to having more cool stuff? But the performing part of the game is runs pretty consistent and smooth, it is also a nice looking game with the detail and the design with the warriors that have been made. What is a total drag for some people and that is worth noting is that the game is online, completely online, you have to be online to play single player. The classes of each warrior is great also, and mastering each of them is cool and can take a while if you want to be the best of the best.