What is LGBT? For all those that do not know what it fully means: L is lesbian, G is gay, B is bisexual, and T is transexual. If i am wrong feel free to correct me. The LGBT community has came a long way from becoming equal. They can get married and can have kids, but because United states has done thing does not mean the problems that LGBT has is not there. There are more problems than anyone can imagine: most people still dislikes LGBTs, parents are still kicking their kids out of their home because their kids trusted them enough to tell them the truth about themselves, kids are still getting bullied and is still even committing suicide because they believe they are different from everyone else. Well how come even if the law says they can be this way how come they are still being treated differently? Unlike race, gender, age, religion, and even ethnicity, sexual orientation is not protected under the civil rights law.


                          Here is a fact that you may not know, hate crimes on the LGBT community is the third highest category of hate crimes. Did you also know that some LGBT could barely get a job or maybe even a career because some people just do not understand why would someone go down that road to marrying someone of the same sex or just does not mind dating the same sex. Yeah sure some people think it is hot that girls kiss on girls but it is way more than that. I remember walking in the airport with my mother and she saw a couple, lesbians and she said oh! Look at that, that is the gay community as if she did not approve of that, and to be honest i hope she did not mean it that why because little does she know her daughter is a bisexual and she did not come out yet because of her teasing or jokes about the LGBT community. Even though some may had a good experience coming out to their families and friends, others did not and had to go through this change alone. I also remember looking up LGBT and some of the searches came up to why is the lgbt community so sensitive, and  “why is the lgbt community so annoying. And me seeing that can easily tell me and others who searched this same thing up is that there is no such thing as equality when it comes to this type of community.


              If you have no idea what is the history of the LGBT community i urge you to go look it up and educate yourself instead of bully others because they might be slightly gay or even different. If you see someone getting bullied because of this go help them out and tell those that is doing the bully that they are wrong for that and maybe need to look at the real reason why they are doing that. You never know the LGBT community might end up becoming your best friend.

 * if you want someone to talk to please email me and please tweet me i will respond and will help you*