yes america! immigrants do live in the United States and they had in fact came from other countries. do you know how many americans are actually american? not mixed, does not have an inch of african american or even a quarter of latino, Dominican or any Spanish ethnicity?  The total population for immigrants stood more than 42.4 million (13.3 percent) and the total population of the United States are 318.9 million and counting! it is pretty safe to say that americans are made up of the immigrants or even those that are illegal that “we” as a “nation” are trying to get rid of. Although this issue of illegal or legal immigrants was already here, our new president, Donald Trump made it clear and okay for those that are racist and just completely hate the idea of immigrants to come out of there shell and start saying hateful words that either does not make safe or just simply mirror others who does not understand the situation of this issue. Although to some this may be “justice” to kick these immigrants out or just “tough love” to think its okay to build a wall; in reality this is just another example of HATE. so watch what you say and maybe consider on educating yourself on politics and the issues of immigrants and why it is a bad idea to try and deport anyone out of the United States! i mean you never know you may have some different type of culture in yourself that you may end up loving.